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EastGate Biotech Receives Notice of Publication From the US Patent and Trademark Office for Two Patents for the Company's Proprietary Intraoral Lorazepam Spray

EastGate Biotech Corp. (OTC PINKETBI), an emerging pharmaceutical company aimed at utilizing drug delivery innovations in the development of improved novel formulations and alternative dosage forms of existing biologically active molecules has received the notice of publication from the US Patent and Trademark Office for two patents for the company's intraoral Lorazepam Spray.
The details of the notice of publications are as follows:
Following patent applications published under publication numbers:
The intraoral Lorazepam Spray is a non-invasive solution for the treatment of acute and repetitive seizures. This spray is a low volume, oral anti-convulsant formulation designed to be a quick and effective treatment of acute seizures in hospital, home or ambulatory settings. This delivery form of the most potent anticonvulsant is an exceptionally convenient alternative to injectable benzodiazepines that efficiently control epileptic emergencies. The intraoral oral spray formulation can be used by the patient, paramedics, or any other available non-trained persons, even during on ongoing seizure.
"We look forward to progressing with this key pharmaceutical development with these patent publications leading the way," says Anna Gluskin, EastGate's CEO. "Lorazepam oral spray, based on our proprietary delivery technology, can be groundbreaking in the anti-seizure market where a fast and effective treatment can be applied by any patient or caregiver resulting in a positive therapeutic impact," continues Gluskin.
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