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GreenBank Subsidiary GreenCoinX Enables XGC to Trade on 15 Crypto Currency Exchang

Crypto Next is based in the Isle of Man, and its exchange affiliates provide digital currency exchanges in multiple languages, multiple currencies, and with secure policies in accordance with Isle of Man regulations.

The exchanges that can now trade XGC are:-

Crypto Next — www.cryptonext.net
CoinQX — www.coinqx.com
Coin Cloud Ex — www.coincloudex.com
Birja Monet — www.birjamonet.com
Altbitex — www.altbitex.com

The Crypto Next affiliated exchanges that have yet to complete their review process with respect to trading XGC are:-

BitcoinX Romania — www.bitcoinxromania.com
UniiFund — www.unii.fund
Stock Digital Coin — www.stockdigitalcoin.com.br
Targe Exchange — www.targoexchange.com
Dollar exchange — www.edollar.international
Bitcoins Greece — www.bitcoinsgreece.com
Bitopia — www.bitopia.io
Banx Trade — www.banxtrade.com
Schilling — www.eschilling.org
Koruna — www.koruna.in

As more crypto currency exchanges determine to trade XGC, GreenCoinX will make further announcements.

For more information please seewww.GreenBankCapitalinc.com or contact Danny Wettreich at (647) 931 9768 or dw@GreenBankCapitalinc.com.

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