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$EBTI bring us the Insulin Tablet (instead of injection) to the market!

$EBTI EastGate Biotech is a dynamic start-up biotech company.  We have developed a proprietary intraoral insulin tablet that dissolves under the tongue for Type 2 and prediabetes patients.The intraoral insulin is safe and effective and is targeted to improve compliance amongst the growing numbers of Type 2 patients.  

Many people know of someone living with diabetes or have a family member who has been diagnosed. This is a chronic lifetime disease that requires daily maintenance.   

Our goal is to bring this product to market to help those living with diabetes and provide them with an alternative to daily injections.    The funding will be used towards clinical studies to be used towards regulatory approvals.

This product is aimed to improve your health, improve your lives and all family and friends afflicted by this lifelong illness.    Together we can help the diabetes community.

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