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Lomiko Metals TSXV: LMR OTCQB: LMRMF Poised to Report Graphite Results

Lomiko Metals TSXV: LMR OTCQB: LMRMF Poised to Report Graphite Results

Graphite has an incredible array of uses that make it a miracle material. A primary use for graphite is to create refractories, which are heat-resistant materials that may be used in manufacturing steel, molds and as insulating bricks in steel foundries. In addition, graphite is useful as a dry lubricant in area liquids can’t be used, heat sinks in outdoor and stadium lighting, vehicle brakes, and as an additive in manufacturing. However, graphite’s primary use and the reason it is considered a critical element by both the European Union and America is its crucial role in the green economy. Demand for graphite due to the amount of varied uses is shown in the chart below as compared to other ‘green materials’.
It has amazing qualities, graphite exceeds copper its ability to handle electrical current and conduct and contain heat. Further, it is much easier to combine into 3d printing materials which indicates a bright future in additive manufacturing. However, the most exciting use is as an anode in a Lithium-ion battery, the most prevalent power system for Electric Vehicles.

In 2008, China supplied 90% of the world's graphite but that percentage has been dropping every year until, in 2018, the number was 37%. More graphite is being consumed by the Chinese lithium-ion battery manufacturing boom led by e-bikes, EVs and cellular phones and tablets.
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